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Children Dentistry in South Morang: AMM Dental Clinic | South Morang – Dental Care Benefits At Early Age

As a parent, you want to protect the teeth and gums of your children and everything about their oral health. A great place to start is to protect and maintain the oral health of your child by giving the best dental care at an early age. When bleeding gums, tooth decay, and plaque formation start to build in the interior of the teeth, nerve pain will result immediately that can turn to damage even the exterior part of the teeth. It can affect the daily activities of your child from studying, playing, and other sweet interactions with you and your family. AMM Dental Clinic, South Morang wants to help parents prolong the oral health of their children. Every child deserves to live happy and full of excitement as they explore the colorful world of the future.


AT AMM Dental Clinic in South Morang, pediatric dentistry is our passion. We pride in building encouragements from children to start developing dental visits at an early age of teething. By the time they reach one year old, dental checkups are more likely to practice to develop a comfortable environment with the dental ambiance. They will learn to cooperate and adapt more things valuable to their oral health. When dental procedures need to be carried out immediately, there would be no problem for any future dental treatments for children to worry about.

Baby’s teeth are more prone to tooth decay and once we’ve noticed and identified dental problems of this type, we immediately take treatments as early as possible. Tooth decays for minors are more serious because their gum tissues were soft and may have the tendency to reach quickly the nerve of the tooth, causing infection, swollen gums, and induced severe pain as result. At AMM Dental Clinic in South Morang, we aim to reverse the situation to deliver preventive oral care whenever your child has checkups at a young age. We perform accurate dental examinations, digital dental x-rays on children every 6 months to check if there’s an early stage of tooth decay formation. Early diagnosis and treatment will result in a fast solution to help eliminate any dental problems that may be overcome in the future.

Fissure sealants in molars are one of our preventive ways to help your child get rid of any tooth decays. This is a great dental treatment we do to avoid harms like tooth decay and tooth abscesses. We place it easily using coating fissure sealant on top of the teeth to avoid food flakes particles that will remain on the teeth surface. Our fissure sealant is non-invasive and we use our latest digital approach of UV light to seal the special coatings right on top of the prime molar surface to ensure the health of the teeth is taken care of.

Here is the Children Dentistry we provide in AMM Dental Clinic in South Morang:

  • Dental Examinations, oral checkups. and X-rays
  • Dental cleaning and Flouride treatments
  • Fissure Sealant Placements
  • Oral Health Care Development and Learning
  • Sports Mouthguards – Benefits and Features
  • Fillings – Ordinary or Colorful
  • Teens Braces – Colorful and Effective


What to do during First Appointments

We are recommending that when a child turns one year old, they should see a dentist within this day to start the advantage of oral care at an early age. There are huge benefits for a child to visit and make an appointment at the dental clinic during the young stage. You and your children will always be welcomed at our dental clinic. Always remember that strong teeth come from the result of daily oral care habits and dental visits are one of those.

What can make children comfortable at the Dental Clinic?

AMM Dental Clinic in South Morang is the most comfortable dental clinic in the area. Early age checkups will give your child the advantage of wide association with the dentist and other patients alike. They can overcome the fear of going to the dentist and this will result in an easy treatment process. We provide dental progress while monitoring facial growth and smile to jaw proportion because we know that when a child grows, some aspect of their oral functionality also grows. Eating, chewing, talking, and smiling is an aspect that also involves oral care. We make sure we are closely monitoring details about the teeth and gums development. Teeth crowding and jaw problems can be addressed instantly if we diagnose your child early. Discover more of your child’s oral health care needs, come to our dental clinic so your child will develop an exciting future with us – guaranteed no teeth and gums conflict but rather happy environments with the dentist and staff.


Our practitioners have many years of experience in the field and they are known to offer highly efficient and reliable dental services. At the clinic, we also provide emergency dental services in case you need immediate attention. You just have to give us a call and we will get you a consultation promptly.





Loss of filling or crown

Dental trauma

Broken or chipped teeth

Denture repair

Root canal treatment