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Children Dentistry in AMM Dental Clinic, Kings Park: Quality Dental Care You Can Afford

AMM Dental Clinic offers low rates dental care services at our Kings Park dental clinic for children and everyone of different ages.

New patients or existing patients with ages from 1 year to young teens can now take advantage of our low rate children dental services on general dentistry with the worry of dental high fees.

Affordable Cost means High-Quality Dental Care without limitations in treatments and practices.

Why Choose AMM Dental Clinic in Kings Park?


  • We are equipped with state-of-the-art latest digital dental technology for faster results
  • We have professional and licensed children dentists for accurate treatment
  • We have friendly staff and welcoming amenities to welcome children to come in
  • Expert services for dental treatments and procedures are customized for exciting experiences
  • Dental Plans and upfront fees are reasonably made and discussed before the treatments start.



    We believe that every child needs fun and exciting experiences as they come for a dental check-up now and then. A visit to the dentist is one creative idea to fulfill oral health care. We have many friendly amenities like colorful toys and cartoon characters images inside the clinic. Watching animated movies while doing checkups and treatments is our gentle way to approach a kid’s extra excitement.


    During dental checkups, we examine gums and cheeks, teething care and bite-jaw proportionality, teeth growth and development, and point out any decay and disturbances.





    • Techniques in brushing


    • Thumb-sucking


    • Healthy food for stronger teeth


    • Prevention of Trauma, tooth decays, and tooth fracture




    Dental Filling


    At AMM Dental Clinic, Kings Park, our dentist uses advanced dental technology to allow patients for colorful composite dental fillings. It restores natural teeth health the same as bringing back the beauty in your smile. With colorful dental fillings, you are lucky to have trending teeth filled with colored fixtures.


    Tooth Extraction


    At AMM Dental Clinic, Kings Park, we ensure painless procedures to treat your child’s tooth extraction treatment. We offer quality care and expertise alongside our value of saving and protecting your teeth from any harmful dental issues.


    Sedation Dentistry


    Strong and healthy teeth need to be maintained and protected as your child continues dental checkups over time. At this time, we offer sedation care for your child to feel convenient and relax to allow the dentist to perform successfully.


    Children with Special Care


    If your children have unique health care needs and finding the right dental clinic is your ideal option, you may choose AMM Dental Clinic in Kings Park. We have trained dentists to handle children with complex medical problems. We provide quality oral care and a friendly environment to welcome them for dental services in success. Rest assured that they are gentle, taking care of the dental treatment they need for the fresh and clean dental care they need. Areas are decorated with fun and colorful toys, amazing books, and a designed wall theme




    Dental Exams and Teeth Cleaning


    As part of our oral health services, we take good care of your children’s teeth by having a dental exam and cleaning to identify other preventive guides to avoid tooth decay and uneven alignment. Teeth cleaning and exams come with polishing and flossing treatment for more great oral screening.


    Fluoride Treatment


    We do fluoride treatment to add more protection against plaques and cavities. Our children may suggest a fluoride treatment if the teeth of your child need to undergo this treatment. It is more often essential to do great treatment to ensure that the teeth of your child will stay strong and bright for a lifetime.


    Dental Sealant


    The moment when six-year molars came out, young adults and teenagers are prone to cavities and plaques. A dental sealant is usually placed onto the top of the molars to block out bacterias and food debris from sticking to the top part of your teeth that can lead to tooth decay. Sealant is the prevention of possible cavity development.


    Digital X-Rays


    Annual digital dental x-rays are the best choice if you want to identify changes happening in your set of teeth. A child’s oral health needs to be associated with x-rays and daily checkups to catch dental issues right away and get them handled immediately.


    AMM Dental Clinic, Kings Park – Where To Call?


    Achieving a healthy smile along with clean and healthy-looking teeth is the primary focus of our dental clinic. We greatly ensure enjoying experiences as your child comes in with us for a routine checkup. With us, you are promised the best oral health care. If you might want to wear the best smile for your children every day and long for years, AMM Dental Clinic is the choice. Call now for free consultations and dental plans

Bring your kids to our clinic soon, we will make sure they have a healthy mouth.


Our practitioners have many years of experience in the field and they are known to offer highly efficient and reliable dental services. At the clinic, we also provide emergency dental services in case you need immediate attention. You just have to give us a call and we will get you a consultation promptly.





Loss of filling or crown

Dental trauma

Broken or chipped teeth

Denture repair

Root canal treatment